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Public Transport

We can manage all aspects of public transport, and work with bus operators and local authorities, including Cheshire East Council.

A woman and child on a bus

Working with partners

to improve public transport

  • We manage the discharge of Transport Act responsibilities and plan and manage non-commercial bus services
  • We review commercial bus registrations
  • We monitor contracted bus services
  • We provide information, including timetables and data systems
  • We submit statutory data returns and links to databases
  • We manage and maintain roadside infrastructure shelters, stops and stations/interchanges 
  • We manage the concessionary bus pass application system and reimbursement of operators
  • We receive, process and share information about commercial registrations, de-registrations and variations of bus services
  • We assist with mitigation of local service disruption, e.g. roadworks
  • We monitor public transport performance, reporting to regulatory agencies/central government, etc.