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Community transport

Community and Flexible Transport Services

Community, voluntary and flexible transport services include services for older people, disabled people or people who do not have access to a car and who live in rural areas without bus services.

Flexible Transport

Flexible transport is a 'demand responsive' transport solution which provides an alternative means of travel for older and disabled people so that they may access their nearest village or town for essential services, such as basic shopping needs, accessing healthcare and social facilities or maybe banking and financial services.

The Flexible Transport service works on a demand responsive basis making around 50,000 journeys each year. All journeys must be pre-booked so that routes can be planned efficiently.

The service works best for local journeys that are flexible with respect to time. The more flexible customers can be with their journey times, the more likely it is the operator will be able to meet their request and the requests of other customers.

As with public transport, you should expect to travel with other passengers who may be going to different destinations. As a result of this, journeys will often take longer than expected and you should allow for this when making a booking request.

Flexible Transport Schemes in East Cheshire

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