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Given the current circumstances with the Coronavirus pandemic, our contact details have changed.

Our values

Our values are extremely important to us and help our team provide the best service possible.

Putting customers at the centre of everything we do

Our team is totally customer focussed – whether dealing with school transport arrangements, private group hire bookings, bus publicity at the roadside or online, bus stop infrastructure, issuing concessionary bus passes or managing a wide variety of transport contracts, we always put our customers’ needs first and do our best to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Valuing all our employees and investing in their potential

Our apprenticeship programme has provided a number of opportunities and all staff participate in ongoing training and development, identified through an appraisal process. News is shared via meetings, staff newsletters and e-mail, so that team members feel involved and have a wider understanding of all areas of the business. Mandatory Safeguarding Training is delivered to all drivers and passenger assistants who work on school contracts. The course selected is amongst the most highly regarded in the country and is provided by the NSPCC resulting in financial benefits for this worthwhile children’s charity.

Being open and honest

It is important that we are honest and open with colleagues, suppliers and customers, to build trust in the services we provide. We plan and develop robust processes designed to ensure that everything goes to plan. We manage over 500 live contracts every month and occasionally there may be a problem. Being open and honest means that we can quickly pinpoint what has happened and put things right, and use the lessons learned in the future.

Doing what we say we will do

We received a call from the relative of an older person residing in the borough, seeking information to help their loved one remain independent by relying more on public transport. We said we would send her all the information she needed to help her relative. Our team knew that a number of flexible transport schemes, including a community car scheme, were available. After researching the different options available, the customer was sent a list of flexible and voluntary transport schemes along with contact names and numbers, with which the enquirer was delighted.

Being flexible and innovative

The introduction of the DPS (Dynamic Purchasing System) framework provided opportunity for a radical change to working practices adopted by both TSS staff and more importantly our operators and we publish contract opportunities using a framework of approved operators.  First introduced in 2018, TSS reviews the qualification criteria for the framework alongside the standard terms & conditions for hired transport contracts.

Taking pride in all we do

We take pride in delivering a range of transport services for the whole community.  We use our own minibuses to provide transport for groups where possible and our drivers always ensure that our Fleet vehicles are clean and well presented, and that the drivers themselves are also smartly turned out in their TSS uniforms. Our team prides itself on working hard to plan and deliver the best services possible, always focussing on customer needs, health and safety and providing an excellent service.

Striving to improve the environment and minimising our impact upon it

Managing the environmental impact on our communities is important to TSS and we seek to protect them by minimising impact wherever possible. This includes using smarter communication methods and promoting sustainable travel options that are more environmentally friendly such as cycling, using public transport and car sharing. During the tender phase for the procurement of our Fleet vehicles our specification was written to take account of environmental factors and impact. In engineering terms, this meant that engines needed to be built to Euro 6 compliance. This EU regulation stipulates that all new cars/minibuses must meet strict standards for exhaust emissions and our Fleet is fully compliant.